Mogilev Regional Arts Museum n.a. P.V. Maslennikov

The museum was founded on 19 November 1990. It is housed in the building of the architectural monument of the early 20th century, which combines the features of art nouveau, pseudo-Russian, and late classicism architectural styles (the architect A.V. Druker). At first, the peasants' land bank was located in the building. In 1994, Pavel Vasilievich Maslenikov donated 125 works of painting and theater decorative art to the city of Mogilyov. This gift became the basis of this museum (the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus on 22 January 1996). Since that time, the museum funds were enriched considerably: on 1 January 2012, the museum included 3, 975 items and was visited by 41,041 people. At present, there are new permanent expositions, defined by a unique concept to preserve the cultural heritage of Belarus and Mogilyov Region, in particular. In 2002, the museum opened a memorial hall dedicated to the creative activities of Vladimir Mikhailovich Letun, a famous artist and sculptor, the winner of the prize of President of the Republic of Belarus prize ("For Outstanding Achievements in Culture and Art"). The permanent exposition "Preserved Heritage (1 February 2007) presents original material and spiritual culture of previous generations, owing to which the Belarusian art acquired such concepts as "Mogilyov School of Architecture", "Mogilyov Carving", "Mogilyov Book Graphics", "Mogilyov Fresco and Icon", "Mogilyov School of Ceramics". Since 5 Dectmber 2008, a memorial and artistic hall dedicated to the creative works of K.N. Gedda has been functioning. The exposition "Fine Art of Mogilyov Region of the 20th Century" (22 December 2010) makes a retrospective review of creative arts and includes 200 works of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative art and handicrafts (1937 - 2010).
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