Mogilev Regional Arts Museum n.a. P.V. Maslenikov

Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after P.V. Maslenikova is located in the center of Mogilev (33 Mironova St.), in a building that is an architectural monument of the early twentieth century, which has the features of the styles: modern, pseudo-Russian and late classicism. It was built by architect A. Drucker until 1914 for the land and peasant bank, which operated until the advent of Soviet power. In November 1917, the publishing house of the newspaper "Revolutionary rate" was located here. After 1918 — the financial department of the provincial executive committee. And in May 1919 the building was transferred to the department of public education. And here, for 13 years, until May 1932, the Mogilev State Historical Museum was located, after — the Mogilev Regional Committee of the CPSU (B.), The party archive (since 1929). At the same time, a special storage facility continued to operate — an armored safe room, in which until the beginning of World War II unique exhibits were stored: the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk (1161), the silver boulder of the King of Poland and Sweden Sigismund III, the Miter of Archbishop of Mogilev, Mstislavsky and Orsha, George Konshi gold and silver keys to the city of Mogilev, coins from the excavations of Pompeii and much more. Of great historical and artistic value were also: royal letters of the sixteenth — eighteenth centuries, manuscripts and early printed books, weapons of the tenth and sixteenth centuries, paintings by I. Aivazovsky, I. Repin, V. Serov, V. Borovikovsky and other famous masters, including and Western European.

In 1944, after the liberation of Mogilev, the regional committee and city committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was located in the museum building, later the editorial board of the newspaper Mogilevskaya Pravda (1970—1991).

The Mogilev Regional Art Museum was founded on November 19, 1990.

On July 28, 1994, the first author’s art gallery in the Republic of Belarus, P.V. Maslenikov — the national artist of the Republic of Belarus, a native of Mogilev.

January 22, 1996 by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after Pavel Vasilyevich Maslenikov.

The museum has 4 permanent exhibits: "The Picture Gallery of the People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus P.V. Maslenikov", "Preserved Heritage", "Fine Art of the Mogilev Region of the 20th Century" and "The Secret of the Cross".

The museum holds temporary exhibition projects every month.

The museum stores more than 5300 items of the main fund and about 1500 — auxiliary. Collections are constantly updated.